Book Review: The Warrior Queen. The life and legend of Aethelflaed, daughter of Alfred the Great

Several typos in the fist few pages made me take an instant dislike to this book. If you are going to write a book on history you have to be accurate. As well as the typographical errors there are other simple errors. For example when she talks about the end of Alfred’s reign she says that the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is quiet on the closing years of the tenth century. Unfortunately Alfred died at the end of the ninth century. The book was clearly an attempt to capitalise on the 1100th anniversary of Aethelflaed’s death. As the deadline loomed there was no time for proof reading.

The only new material in this book is the unfounded speculation so if you must read a book on Aethelflaed read ‘Aethelflaed, The Lady of the Mercians’ by Tim Clarkson.

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